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The word according to Ce Que Sarah Sarah


right-297788_1280ON THE UP


Macarons – A long time favourite of mine & next up on the ‘learn to bake’ list

Birthdays – ‘Cause mine’s just around the corner!

Peaky Blinders (s3) & Daredevil (s1) – My two new favourite shows. One a BBC2 drama, the other a Netflix Original. Quite violent so not for the faint hearted…


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Boxes – Having just moved, I’m done with boxes… only 2 to go!

Coconut Water – Apparently Birch Water is the new thing to be drinking… post coming soon

Summer shoes – So many blisters. Placing back in wardrobe. Long live the boot.


Clinique Pop

Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer

A great addition to Clinique’s lip range this long lasting lipstick has a definite ‘pop’ of colour.


Easy to apply, Clinique Pop comes in a great range of colours from iced pinks to the deep berry shades, perfect for a statement lip. The primer element keeps lips looking plump and feeling moisturised for hours, while the lightweight formula gives even coverage with a light pearly sheen – perfect for all day wear or a touch of evening glamour.

Definitely one to add to the lipstick collection! RRP £16.00

Weekend Food Fair

While technically it’s not summer, May seems to bring the beginning of the summer-time events. This includes, the local food festival – bigger than your average farmers market and full of the best of local.


One of Tunbridge Well’s first offering of the summer season for foodies is The Pantiles Food Festival (13th-15th May 3016).

I popped down on Saturday and the festival was in full swing, with demonstrations on the bandstand, cocktails in the (sometimes) sun, fresh produce, so much cake, oh and obviously many lunch options!

Having just moved house I told myself to be good – peruse the stalls, get lunch if I was hungry and focus on the tea towels hidden in Trevor Mortram I actually needed! Needless to say that was never going to happen.

I was good – with so many options I could have happily sampled some cocktails with lunch and bought all the local jam, veg, alcohol… but I was particularly caught by two stalls.

The Crow Kitchen & Green Apron.

Being allergic to the outdoors otherwise known as a hay fever sufferer, I am currently making my way through all allergy products. In the mean time I’m trying a new one: eating local honey. Local honey is made by your friendly local bees – the important part being local. Hailing from the same pollen you’re reacting to, eating this honey may help alleviate your symptoms – in theory desensitising you to the pollen.

Either way the raw kentish honey from Green Aprons tastes awesome!

My second purchase is so yummy – honestly my reaction. Macarons can sometimes be a bit hit and miss but The Crow Kitchen have got their recipe bang on. Not only are they soft and a little bit chewy but they also come in some great flavours – blackcurrant with star anise anyone?

I went for the box of 9 to show off with when the boyfriend’s mother comes to visit on Sunday. 3 French Vanilla, 3 Chocolate and 3 Salted Caramel.

P.S. Don’t worry if you’ve missed this food festival – they are back again in September (9th-11th).

Beauty Review – Jo Malone Shower Oil

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Shower Oil

IMG_9288From the bottle to the packaging Jo Malone never disappoints, this luxury brand is the perfect present – whether for someone else or a payday treat!

Oil to lather with only a splash of water, this shower oil is easier to use than expected, not at all greasy, leaving skin moisturised and smelling of the floral Peony & Blush Suede scent. This is a fantastic way to build fragrance; after all moisturised skin holds fragrance for longer… now all that’s needed is a spritz of perfume!

Jo Malone Shower Oil is also available in two other signature scents. RRP £32.00 for 250ml

It’s time for pesto!

I am a lover of Pesto – I’m a lucky girly to have first tried this delicious sauce in Italy. If somehow you have escaped pesto, you need to try it!


Image sourced from Pixabay

I recently made the mistake of looking at the ingredients in my shop bought pesto – let’s just say for the price I was willing to pay I wasn’t impressed at the content.

So to fix my conundrum, I decided to make my own. Now I’m only questioning why I haven’t been making my own for years!

Pesto is best enjoyed fresh, so making your own is pretty hard to beat. Plus, you don’t have to contain yourself to just using it for pasta dishes, this works great with a chicken breast, on a slice of toast or perfect with a mezze style platter.

I’m not going to share with you the perfect recipe for pesto, as I can never seem to create the same sauce twice and this is a sauce that can be adapted easily for your personal taste. But I will share my top tips so you can get the best results:

  • The basics: you will need basil, garlic, parmesan, olive oil, pine nuts, salt and possibly pepper to taste.
  • If you can, use a pestle and mortar – you can control the amount you make easily with this method and don’t run the risk of completely pulverizing your pesto like you might with a blender. However, a blender will still work, just pulse to monitor your constancy!
  • If you’ve never made your own pesto before I would recommend starting with basil, but if you want to make this tonight and don’t have basil to hand, you can try rocket or spinach – for a peppery or creamier taste respectively.
  • Start by adding half a clove of garlic if you’re not a garlic lover – personally a decent sized clove works well for me. But I do LOVE garlic
  • Try toasting your pine nuts first – you’ll find their lovely nutty flavour comes through more

You’ll find many, many, many pesto recipes across the web so you won’t need to look far – try a simple one and adapt to your own needs!

Good luck and enjoy

Beauty Haul: Carnation Footcare

Used to seeing all the latest beauty products in a blogger’s beauty haul?

Well this one’s a bit different – I’m prepping for summer early this year. Just because the sun’s not shining and you’re still wearing your winter boots, doesn’t mean your feet don’t need a touch of TLC.

This is a new brand for me – but if you’re looking for something that will care for your feet (even after a winter of boots) then Carnation Footcare is a great brand to try.


4 steps to pretty feet:

Hard Skin Remover Pen

Tackle any hard skin that my have developed over winter with this handy pen to soften those pesky patches of skin. Carnation’s pen will cover you for 100+ applications and is super easy and mess free to use.

Intensive Moisturising Foot Cream

Now you’re tackling the worst bits, a general boost to your feet will help on the quest to summer ready feet! The peppermint oil in this cream gives a lovely scent to your foot routine – fresh and smooth feet, two in one bonus! This also fits in well with the skin pen as both need twice daily application.

Invisible Gel Cushions

Now your feet are feeling happier, keep them that way and use these handy gel cushions. Perfect for a night out with the girls or just for those shoes you love but are crazy uncomfortable.

Hydro Blister

Now it’s time to show your beautiful feet off and hopefully by this point the sun will be shining – no promises this is England after all! Carnation’s blister plaster calms and heals your blisters so you can keep wearing your new shoes and dance the night away, explore a European city, or walk to work – enjoy the summer guys!

Find out more at



One of the most popular spring flowers – the tulip has long been favourite of mine.

They mark the beginning of spring, longer, lighter days, and getting a bit of sun back!

They come in pretty much every colour you can imagine and there are actually over 3,000 registered varieties. It’s not just the colour variants, they come in various heights and flower shapes – some Tulips are even fragrant.

Fun fact: While we commonly call these flowers ‘Tulips’ their botanical name is not dissimilar: ‘Tulipa’

This stunning flower is known for having near symmetrical petals and tend to grow only one flower per stem. Each colour can mean something different, according to teleflora, so white to say you’re sorry, red for love, and surprisingly a multicoloured bouquet means you are fond of the recipients eyes. Who knew! Something else which surprised me on my tulip research – you can eat tulips much like you can an onion although when you realise they are both from the Liliaceae family it starts to make sense. You even make wine from them… umm I’ll stick with my glass of pinot noir thanks!

Tulips are also able to grow up to an inch while in a vase and will grow toward the light source – clever flower! But even so they are only the third most popular flower – roses taking the top spot!

So basically anyone looking to buy me flowers – you won’t go wrong with tulips in the spring…

  • For more information on Tulips and how to care for them visit
  • Or for information on the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (who use the tulip as their symbol) visit

The world according to Ce Que Sarah Sarah


right-297788_1280ON THE UP


Investment pieces – there’s never a bad time to buy a timeless piece for your wardrobe

Bare shoulders – this look is here to stay. Your Spring / Summer 2016 look sorted

Pretty Little Liars – still awesome – still have no idea who ‘A’ is


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Cold weather – I am so ready for summer & so is my skin!

Over-cluttered wardrobe – such a faff… one day I will streamline… one day

Flakey nails – I’m throwing everything Mavala has at them #BeStrong


Style essential: Burgundy boots

Style essential: Burgundy boots


Recently I’ve been pondering my wardrobe decisions. I have too may clothes, I know it, I admit it, but can I actually manage to do anything about it?

Well the answer is yes – kind of – when I moved last year I had a serious closet cull, unfortunately it was out with the old which means the-very-old-hasn’t-fit-me-in-three-years-but-I-still-really-liked-it. So I haven’t actually culled proper clothes: clothes that fit; clothes that I’ve worn once; clothes that I have the same thing 3x over. It’s those pesky items which I need to sort.

So I’ve done my homework…

Seriously, I’ve researched this because I don’t know where to start – I throw two things out and buy five more to congratulate myself… ahhh

A wonderful comprehensive post of my wardrobe cull ideas will be joining you soon – but the gist of it is: wardrobe essentials. The old classic white tee, perfect fit jeans, etc. but that’s all very well and good if it works for your style. So for me I took the ‘pair of boots’ suggestion to mean a pair of black, brown & a colour of your choosing (for me burgundy) boots. I would also suggest mixing the leg lengths of these boots too. E.g. ankle Chelsea style, heeled ankle/low calf, tall/over the-knee.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 18.34.34My current high street favourite are the super comfy Clarks ‘Clementine Sun’ Leather Ankle boots. These come in both black and burgundy. Unfortunately Clarks no longer have stock but I have found a few places with clearance stock if these sound like your kind of boots: