This is what my Saturday looks like…

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The word according to Ce Que Sarah Sarah


right-297788_1280ON THE UP


Macarons – A long time favourite of mine & next up on the ‘learn to bake’ list

Birthdays – ‘Cause mine’s just around the corner!

Peaky Blinders (s3) & Daredevil (s1) – My two new favourite shows. One a BBC2 drama, the other a Netflix Original. Quite violent so not for the faint hearted…


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Boxes – Having just moved, I’m done with boxes… only 2 to go!

Coconut Water – Apparently Birch Water is the new thing to be drinking… post coming soon

Summer shoes – So many blisters. Placing back in wardrobe. Long live the boot.


Clinique Pop

Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer

A great addition to Clinique’s lip range this long lasting lipstick has a definite ‘pop’ of colour.


Easy to apply, Clinique Pop comes in a great range of colours from iced pinks to the deep berry shades, perfect for a statement lip. The primer element keeps lips looking plump and feeling moisturised for hours, while the lightweight formula gives even coverage with a light pearly sheen – perfect for all day wear or a touch of evening glamour.

Definitely one to add to the lipstick collection! RRP £16.00



One of the most popular spring flowers – the tulip has long been favourite of mine.

They mark the beginning of spring, longer, lighter days, and getting a bit of sun back!

They come in pretty much every colour you can imagine and there are actually over 3,000 registered varieties. It’s not just the colour variants, they come in various heights and flower shapes – some Tulips are even fragrant.

Fun fact: While we commonly call these flowers ‘Tulips’ their botanical name is not dissimilar: ‘Tulipa’

This stunning flower is known for having near symmetrical petals and tend to grow only one flower per stem. Each colour can mean something different, according to teleflora, so white to say you’re sorry, red for love, and surprisingly a multicoloured bouquet means you are fond of the recipients eyes. Who knew! Something else which surprised me on my tulip research – you can eat tulips much like you can an onion although when you realise they are both from the Liliaceae family it starts to make sense. You even make wine from them… umm I’ll stick with my glass of pinot noir thanks!

Tulips are also able to grow up to an inch while in a vase and will grow toward the light source – clever flower! But even so they are only the third most popular flower – roses taking the top spot!

So basically anyone looking to buy me flowers – you won’t go wrong with tulips in the spring…

  • For more information on Tulips and how to care for them visit
  • Or for information on the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (who use the tulip as their symbol) visit

The world according to Ce Que Sarah Sarah


right-297788_1280ON THE UP


Investment pieces – there’s never a bad time to buy a timeless piece for your wardrobe

Bare shoulders – this look is here to stay. Your Spring / Summer 2016 look sorted

Pretty Little Liars – still awesome – still have no idea who ‘A’ is


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Cold weather – I am so ready for summer & so is my skin!

Over-cluttered wardrobe – such a faff… one day I will streamline… one day

Flakey nails – I’m throwing everything Mavala has at them #BeStrong



Working with all things digital – especially social media, I’m always on the look out for something new or in this case something I’ve never come across before.

I found Polyvore a few days a go and it’s now safe to say I’m obsessed. Opps.

So what actually is Polyvore?

Polyvore is a new way to discover and shop for things you love in fashion, beauty and home decor.

What do you do?

You can create your own ‘sets’ and ‘collections’, like items and more importantly find your next favourite purchase!

It’s effectively a new way to design, think Pinterest, but instead of a board – you actually create your own digital collage – controlling the words, products, colours and designs.

The only downside is it’s an American site so the majority of products are from American brands too – but don’t worry you can find some great brands you’ve never shopped with and they do have a nice selection of well-known sites for the British market. ASOS and Not on the High Street anyone?

See my latest Polyvore sets here!



Grey pullover sweater
£10 –

Pocket coat
£17 –

Red hand bag
£15 –

Charlotte Tilbury moisturizing lipstick
£22 –


For 2016 Ployvore are also offering the chase to become a Style Insider – intrigued? Find out more from The Official Polyvore Blog.

January Wishlist 01

Number one on the list:


The Vogue Colouring Book by Iain R Webb

For Christmas I received a colouring book The Enchanted — to be precise alongside a set of lovely pens.

So needless to say it has kept me very quiet (see my Instagram for a blue hedgehog – yes you read that right, Blue!)

So to be ready for the next ‘colouring between the lines’ challenge I’ve picked this awesome book… plus it’s currently only £7 on Amazon!!


Next on the list: The Liberty Colouring Book by Liberty (£9.99, now £7.49 on Amazon)

Online helping hand

Just found a fantastic new editor…

Now, thanks to the miracle of the internet, if you’re feeling a little lost for words… Hemingway Editor won’t actually write it for you but it may just help you out!

All you need to do is copy and paste your passage, blog post, paragraph, etc. and voila it will highlight the bits that are hard to read and even tell you how long it will take to read. It will also help you out by giving you a simpler alternative to something a little tricky!

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 21.26.40

Source: Hemingway Editor

Natural beauty


Living in ‘the garden of England’ does have its perks. I found this beautiful mushroom while walking the dog the other weekend.

Just the one, sitting in the morning’s sun – nature is so stunning if you take a moment to look!