One of the most popular spring flowers – the tulip has long been favourite of mine.

They mark the beginning of spring, longer, lighter days, and getting a bit of sun back!

They come in pretty much every colour you can imagine and there are actually over 3,000 registered varieties. It’s not just the colour variants, they come in various heights and flower shapes – some Tulips are even fragrant.

Fun fact: While we commonly call these flowers ‘Tulips’ their botanical name is not dissimilar: ‘Tulipa’

This stunning flower is known for having near symmetrical petals and tend to grow only one flower per stem. Each colour can mean something different, according to teleflora, so white to say you’re sorry, red for love, and surprisingly a multicoloured bouquet means you are fond of the recipients eyes. Who knew! Something else which surprised me on my tulip research – you can eat tulips much like you can an onion although when you realise they are both from the Liliaceae family it starts to make sense. You even make wine from them… umm I’ll stick with my glass of pinot noir thanks!

Tulips are also able to grow up to an inch while in a vase and will grow toward the light source – clever flower! But even so they are only the third most popular flower – roses taking the top spot!

So basically anyone looking to buy me flowers – you won’t go wrong with tulips in the spring…

  • For more information on Tulips and how to care for them visit rhs.org.uk
  • Or for information on the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (who use the tulip as their symbol) visit pdf.org

On the hunt – for a new clock

This is a surprisingly difficult task. I didn’t realise I was so picky when it comes to clocks.

Turns out – they don’t just tell the time, well they do but it’s not easy to find one the tells the time they way you didn’t know you wanted it to…

Yeah I may have got a little too invested crazy in my search for a clock – I’m not even at the purchase stage, only the Pinterest stage.

Tick Tock



Those are all perfectly fine – in fact the copper and wood ones are lovely – but I might just give up and get this one. Not to tell the time but because it tells me perfectly…



Image from notonthehighstreet.com vendor Contempo HomePersonalised Slate Always Late Clock £34.99


Working with all things digital – especially social media, I’m always on the look out for something new or in this case something I’ve never come across before.

I found Polyvore a few days a go and it’s now safe to say I’m obsessed. Opps.

So what actually is Polyvore?

Polyvore is a new way to discover and shop for things you love in fashion, beauty and home decor.

What do you do?

You can create your own ‘sets’ and ‘collections’, like items and more importantly find your next favourite purchase!

It’s effectively a new way to design, think Pinterest, but instead of a board – you actually create your own digital collage – controlling the words, products, colours and designs.

The only downside is it’s an American site so the majority of products are from American brands too – but don’t worry you can find some great brands you’ve never shopped with and they do have a nice selection of well-known sites for the British market. ASOS and Not on the High Street anyone?

See my latest Polyvore sets here!



Grey pullover sweater
£10 – shein.com

Pocket coat
£17 – shein.com

Red hand bag
£15 – gojane.com

Charlotte Tilbury moisturizing lipstick
£22 – bergdorfgoodman.com


For 2016 Ployvore are also offering the chase to become a Style Insider – intrigued? Find out more from The Official Polyvore Blog.

The Cook’s Kitchen Candle

Kitchen Candle. 2015

Kitchen Candle. 2015

This is one of those stumble upon purchases that you end up completely loving and going back for more…

To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t have bought my first, or even second for that matter, Laura Ashely’s Cook’s Kitchen Candle were they not in the sale. That’s not to say they’re not worth the RRP, it’s just I’ve become such a candle enthusiast that I had to give myself a price limit… anything over that and I must stick it on the Christmas list!

It may not seem much, but £10 for a candle is unfortunately just above my self imposed limit, so to see this range in the sale for £6.30 I was a pretty happy bunny. My first purchase was the Olive & Italian Lemon Candle, which gives a subtle but fresh sent to the air. I chose the citrus scented candle thanks to the lemon element, I am a massive verbena fan – unless it starts smelling like toilet cleaner, then I’m out. However, this was not the case so I then went back and purchased the Mandarin & Ginger Candle. I use a lot of ginger and lime in my kitchen, so this candle complements the smells I fill the house with. Again, it’s a really subtle scent, yet still refreshing.

Kitchen Candle. 2015

Kitchen Candle. 2015

This candle also comes in a handy little pot – the famous ‘Kilner’ inspired, if you will. I love a candle with a lid, as much like perfume I tend to flit from scent to scent. It really bugs me when dust settles on the candle and the flame then freaks out when you come to light it again as it burns off all the dust – too much candle drama for me…

There are two other scents in this Cook’s Kitchen Candle range: Sea Salt and English Apple & Mint. These are no most definitely on the 21st wish list!

Have you tried cook’s candles? Let me know what you think and your favourite kitchen scents below…

Signature Scents: Jo Malone

Jo Malone. 2014

Jo Malone. 2014

Its been a long while since I’ve owned only one bottle of perfume. I don’t ever really settle on one scent, rather I tend to go through phases.

Having said this Jo Malone’s scents are hard to beat. You can spend hours finding the right one for you – but when you have, you get the ultimate joy of not only the perfume, but the candle, the body creme and even a hand wash, not forgetting their signature wrapping.

Jo Malone have six collections, each of these offer either three or four scents. My favourite scent, Peony & Blush Suede Cologne, falls under the floral section. This scent is only a year or two old, I eagerly awaited it’s release before Christmas two years ago – to then received not only the perfume, but the candle too, in a beautiful box on Christmas morning – thanks mum & dad!

The small bottle of perfume, which I tend to wear for special occasions, rather than everyday lasted me about a year – right in time for another cheeky little bottle this Christmas morning!! The candle burn time is 45 hours.

“The essence of charm. Peonies in voluptuous bloom, exquisitely fragile. Flirtatious with the juicy bite of red apple and the opulence of jasmine, rose and gillyflower. Mingling with the sensuality of soft, blush suede. Luxurious and seductive.”

I adore their packaging, it’s simple and chick and always smells amazing: they spritz your chosen perfume on the tissue paper that accompanies the box, in the bag with the bow… Now thats how you wrap.

Jo Malone also have a fabulous gift service if you’re running short of ideas for a loved one who enjoys a touch of luxury, you can build your own gift box, engrave the contents and complete with a gift card. Sorted! They have a range of products for both men and women.

These citrus, floral, fruityspicy, light floral, and woody scents can be worn alone or layered to create your own personal scent.

Do you have a favourite Jo Malone scent? Let me know below…

Summer Scents

We finally have the first of the summer sun! I was starting to think it was never going to appear this year and we would never see the back of the winter wardrobe and the multitude of  jumpers it brings.

Thankfully this doesn’t seem to be the case. While I’m sure the sun probably isn’t here to stay – this is England after all – I am embracing all things summery. So I’m starting with this candle:

Verbena // 2014

Verbena Candle // 2014

I found this lovely little thing after I received the ‘Fairy Dust, invisible and true‘ candle (£8.50) from my friend, Georgia, for my birthday. I loved the quirky design of the wax so much that I went in search for more scents from Lily Flame Candles. That’s when I came across ‘Verbena – a summer in Provence‘ Lily Flame tinned candle (£8.50).

The Verbena scent is so fresh and summery it always makes me smile. It’s like opening your windows to the summer breeze with fruity, citrusy notes. The clean scented candle has a burn time of generous 35 hours. I find it best to make sure the candle burns until the wax melts across to ensure an even burn.

“Clean and Sweet, a Floral blend with a Lemon twist. Can’t take a month off to lol about reading in the South of France? Maybe close your eyes and be there in spirit instead.”

Find out more about Lily Flame Candles HERE


Let me know what you think… have you tried a Lily Flame Candle? Or do you have another favourite I need to try? Please share all and any candle hints and tips below!