Working with all things digital – especially social media, I’m always on the look out for something new or in this case something I’ve never come across before.

I found Polyvore a few days a go and it’s now safe to say I’m obsessed. Opps.

So what actually is Polyvore?

Polyvore is a new way to discover and shop for things you love in fashion, beauty and home decor.

What do you do?

You can create your own ‘sets’ and ‘collections’, like items and more importantly find your next favourite purchase!

It’s effectively a new way to design, think Pinterest, but instead of a board – you actually create your own digital collage – controlling the words, products, colours and designs.

The only downside is it’s an American site so the majority of products are from American brands too – but don’t worry you can find some great brands you’ve never shopped with and they do have a nice selection of well-known sites for the British market. ASOS and Not on the High Street anyone?

See my latest Polyvore sets here!



Grey pullover sweater
£10 – shein.com

Pocket coat
£17 – shein.com

Red hand bag
£15 – gojane.com

Charlotte Tilbury moisturizing lipstick
£22 – bergdorfgoodman.com


For 2016 Ployvore are also offering the chase to become a Style Insider – intrigued? Find out more from The Official Polyvore Blog.


January Wishlist 01

Number one on the list:


The Vogue Colouring Book by Iain R Webb

For Christmas I received a colouring book The Enchanted — to be precise alongside a set of lovely pens.

So needless to say it has kept me very quiet (see my Instagram for a blue hedgehog – yes you read that right, Blue!)

So to be ready for the next ‘colouring between the lines’ challenge I’ve picked this awesome book… plus it’s currently only £7 on Amazon!!


Next on the list: The Liberty Colouring Book by Liberty (£9.99, now £7.49 on Amazon)

Online helping hand

Just found a fantastic new editor…

Now, thanks to the miracle of the internet, if you’re feeling a little lost for words… Hemingway Editor won’t actually write it for you but it may just help you out!

All you need to do is copy and paste your passage, blog post, paragraph, etc. and voila it will highlight the bits that are hard to read and even tell you how long it will take to read. It will also help you out by giving you a simpler alternative to something a little tricky!

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 21.26.40

Source: Hemingway Editor

Grown up party games!

As a child I remember loving a good party game – never really won any but hey they were still fun. One of the best and pretty standard party games was Pass the Parcel. The version I played – everyone won… that is if you like sweeties! The parcel came complete with novelty toy in the middle and a selection bag of sweeties divided up between the layers.

For my 21st, I went a bit old school, with a picnic and games. Being a party, my mum decided she would recreate the Pass the Parcel, but for adults.

This meant having to act my new found age (21) and accept you don’t get to win every layer anymore. Although the end present turned out to be a lot better than any I’ve seen before – a mini bottle of vodka!

Feel free to choose your favourite tipple for your centre present!

Pass the Parcel // 2015

Pass the Parcel // 2015

The parcel wrapping was also new. Not just newspaper anymore, my mum alternated magazines and newspaper, meaning a slightly more stylish finish. Thanks to what I think was The Sunday Times Style Magazine – I got a pretty fashion and beauty themed game (right). Depending on the occasion you could use themed wrapping paper instead.

Have you rediscovered an old favourite party game by giving it an adult twist? Let me know below…