Style essential: Burgundy boots

Style essential: Burgundy boots


Recently I’ve been pondering my wardrobe decisions. I have too may clothes, I know it, I admit it, but can I actually manage to do anything about it?

Well the answer is yes – kind of – when I moved last year I had a serious closet cull, unfortunately it was out with the old which means the-very-old-hasn’t-fit-me-in-three-years-but-I-still-really-liked-it. So I haven’t actually culled proper clothes: clothes that fit; clothes that I’ve worn once; clothes that I have the same thing 3x over. It’s those pesky items which I need to sort.

So I’ve done my homework…

Seriously, I’ve researched this because I don’t know where to start – I throw two things out and buy five more to congratulate myself… ahhh

A wonderful comprehensive post of my wardrobe cull ideas will be joining you soon – but the gist of it is: wardrobe essentials. The old classic white tee, perfect fit jeans, etc. but that’s all very well and good if it works for your style. So for me I took the ‘pair of boots’ suggestion to mean a pair of black, brown & a colour of your choosing (for me burgundy) boots. I would also suggest mixing the leg lengths of these boots too. E.g. ankle Chelsea style, heeled ankle/low calf, tall/over the-knee.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 18.34.34My current high street favourite are the super comfy Clarks ‘Clementine Sun’ Leather Ankle boots. These come in both black and burgundy. Unfortunately Clarks no longer have stock but I have found a few places with clearance stock if these sound like your kind of boots:


STYLE IT: Modern Luxe

Now I’m not a major fan of Valentines. I sit in the camp that thinks romantic gestures are lovely, often thoughtful and generally sweet – however the designated day thing kind ruins the spontaneity part of all that (which is my favourite part). I’m not super duper anti all hearts and kisses, nor am I ‘single and bitter’ – the nice party you get grouped into when you’re not all dough-eyed over ostentatious bunches of roses. Don’t get me wrong I would appreciate my bunch of roses as much as the next girl, but I would rather be spontaneous at a time when it’s not crazy expensive to be so!

So this year I decided (not great at that we thing) that we would still do something nice but being the almost-broke 20-somethings we could instead save any money set aside for presents, etc.

So now my V-Day view is clear I can get back to the important bit – what will I wear for dinner and a movie?

Saturday Night Dinner Date:

Modern Luxe


I am loving THIS navy dress from ASOS at the moment so any ideas to keep that looking new are fine by me! Layering jumpers works for work, switching up tights, boots, flats, heels – even a handbag change. But for an evening dinner I think a more luxe look works best for understated glamour.

What do you think of my outfit styling? Would you style it differently? Let me know in the comments section below or via any and all social media!

P.s. The movie date is on the Sunday so an off duty jeans & a tee combo will work… it is a Sunday after all! Check out my Weekend Casual post for more ideas on this look.

Style It: Weekend Casual

Weekend Casual


I am currently loving my vintage Levis.

I’m a lucky bunny – I didn’t have to fork out a fortune for mine, I have a very generous dad who had managed to create the current ‘distressed jean’ style purely by wearing his classic levi 501’s to destruction.

Luckily destruction is so very, very in when it comes to jeans.

Destruction is also very, very comfortable.

You can create a relaxed, comfortable and still stylish weekend look by keeping everything else nice and simple.

My top tips for this look:

  • Choose neutral colours – use jewellery to add a pop of colour
  • Create clean lines with your textures by layering crisp blouses and jackets (this will offset the distressed denim)
  • Pair with simple bag & shoes – without too much fuss from buckles, bows and frills

Post your looks – I would love to see… links & social media welcome!!

SS16 predictions: Dungarees

I’ve been spotting the good-old dungaree a lot lately, so I’m thinking it’s going to be big for spring 2016.

For 2016 they are no longer the frumpy things you wore in the 90’s. Dungarees are now tailored and fitted or styled with turn up and a tee. Don’t worry if you’re not into this much denim, I’ve spotted dungarees in various materials and in both jumpsuit and playsuit styles!

How to style your dungarees:

The Look: Dungarees


The high street edit:


Working with all things digital – especially social media, I’m always on the look out for something new or in this case something I’ve never come across before.

I found Polyvore a few days a go and it’s now safe to say I’m obsessed. Opps.

So what actually is Polyvore?

Polyvore is a new way to discover and shop for things you love in fashion, beauty and home decor.

What do you do?

You can create your own ‘sets’ and ‘collections’, like items and more importantly find your next favourite purchase!

It’s effectively a new way to design, think Pinterest, but instead of a board – you actually create your own digital collage – controlling the words, products, colours and designs.

The only downside is it’s an American site so the majority of products are from American brands too – but don’t worry you can find some great brands you’ve never shopped with and they do have a nice selection of well-known sites for the British market. ASOS and Not on the High Street anyone?

See my latest Polyvore sets here!



Grey pullover sweater
£10 –

Pocket coat
£17 –

Red hand bag
£15 –

Charlotte Tilbury moisturizing lipstick
£22 –


For 2016 Ployvore are also offering the chase to become a Style Insider – intrigued? Find out more from The Official Polyvore Blog.

January Blues

It’s getting pretty chilly outside now. Winter is finally here – so this means layers!

Layering is an odd one, when done well can look classic and effortless – when done badly you get the ‘oh this, yeah I just fell out of my wardrobe’. Not judging but I’m guessing that’s not the look you were going for!

I started this look by grabbing my new Lee Sacrlett Jeans (insert LOTS of heart eye emojis here). Worth paying a bit more than I normally would for the go to ASOS Denim, Lee denim is so sort and comfortable and while you can’t really tell from the photos – they do wonders for my leg profile!

Next I was feeling my longline, split side Forever 21 top. This was an end of summer purchase that I don’t want to take off – such a great layering piece.

Next to ‘double denim’ my GAP demin shirt – tied at the waist to keep proportions looking right.

Finishing the look with Dune Black boots – thank you John Lewis Sale! Homemade tassel necklace (post coming soon) and grabbed a super old H&M karki bag to offset the gold in the necklace.

As I was heading out I undid the shirt, threw on my TK Maxx coat and grabbed my H&M Blanket Scarf – just ’cause I totally didn’t have enough layers by that point…

SS16 Shoes of Instragram

My pick of some of fantastic creative and colourful shoes on my Instagram feed…

*hover over the picture to see the details

Have a missed your favourites – know some ‘shoespiration’ I should be following? Comment and let me know!

Black Tie Look: Vintage


Alicia’s Black Tie 21st
@ The Bell Inn, Ticehurst, East Sussex

Black tie is a great opportunity to get dressed up and do something a little different to your normal glam evening look.

With a spate of 21st recently, surprisingly this was the only black tie event. Of course, I was ready…

I spend each New Years with my nearest and dearest – we go all out. Black tie every time, dinner, dancing and a big celebration. So I had a choice of the previous years and the pieces saved for a special occasion.


Black tie may be flamboyant occasion, but you do need to consider the practicalities of your outfit. If it’s simply canapés and dinner, you need something that can deal with the inevitable food baby, while looking good both standing and sitting, for dancing you need your legs free and ‘sensible’ shoes, or for an occasion, such as an opening event or a show where there maybe a lot of standing around, those rare bread of a comfortable but show stopper shoe and an outfit that doesn’t necessarily still need to shine when sitting down (as there won’t be much of that!)

Once you have your occasion that’s when you can get creative – I have had this 80’s silk skirt for a couple of years now, but have never had quite the right weather or occasion for it. (It also needed a new clasp fitted and I am lazy!) However, this summer event bought a chance for the skirt and a little inspiration saw me change the clasp to a velvet bow for more texture and a focus for the back of the outfit.


I kept the rest of the outfit simple and classic, with nude parisian lace up Ghillie Sandals (£85, Office UK) and a black cami (£7.99, H&M). This  was then paired with simple, clean and classic jewellery pieces (sterling silver Dominic Walsmley London acorn necklace from my girls for my 21st, pearl studs & Dominic Walmsely London Bespoke sapphire and diamond sterling silver ring from my parents for my 21st, and a sterling sliver flower pandora ring) and a red envelope bag from

I kept my make-up light and clean for a summer look. See my posts ‘The Kit‘ & ‘Summer Beauty Look _ 01‘ for more on what’s in my makeup bag this summer.

My friend G went simple and elegant in a lacy black midi drew, nude clutch and black ‘barely there’ strappy heels.

Instagram Crush

Instagram // Prada // 2015

Instagram // Prada // 2015


These sunglasses are one of my ultimate style crushes.

I love the elegance of the swirl to the side of the frame and how fluidly they work with the face. It is also a bonus their ‘bug’ like style, as this is my go-to look for sunglasses.

So to scroll past a snap of the Spring/Summer 2015 “Prada Raw” special collection on Instagram – well lets just say it kinda made my day!

I have lusted after a pair of these for years and particularly like this new wooden design, it really sets off the creative swirls of the glasses and works wonders with the tortoise shell print!

Prada, I didn’t think you could make the Minimal Baroque any better – but you managed it!

Judging by the amount of likes in 17 minutes it took me to find the photo – I’m not the only one who agrees.

Retailing between £110.00 – £160.00.

Find out more about the Prada Minimal Baroque Project and it’s illustrations HERE.


Find out more about the Prada Raw Project or watch the video HERE.