Weekend Food Fair

While technically it’s not summer, May seems to bring the beginning of the summer-time events. This includes, the local food festival – bigger than your average farmers market and full of the best of local.


One of Tunbridge Well’s first offering of the summer season for foodies is The Pantiles Food Festival (13th-15th May 3016).

I popped down on Saturday and the festival was in full swing, with demonstrations on the bandstand, cocktails in the (sometimes) sun, fresh produce, so much cake, oh and obviously many lunch options!

Having just moved house I told myself to be good – peruse the stalls, get lunch if I was hungry and focus on the tea towels hidden in Trevor Mortram I actually needed! Needless to say that was never going to happen.

I was good – with so many options I could have happily sampled some cocktails with lunch and bought all the local jam, veg, alcohol… but I was particularly caught by two stalls.

The Crow Kitchen & Green Apron.

Being allergic to the outdoors otherwise known as a hay fever sufferer, I am currently making my way through all allergy products. In the mean time I’m trying a new one: eating local honey. Local honey is made by your friendly local bees – the important part being local. Hailing from the same pollen you’re reacting to, eating this honey may help alleviate your symptoms – in theory desensitising you to the pollen.

Either way the raw kentish honey from Green Aprons tastes awesome!

My second purchase is so yummy – honestly my reaction. Macarons can sometimes be a bit hit and miss but The Crow Kitchen have got their recipe bang on. Not only are they soft and a little bit chewy but they also come in some great flavours – blackcurrant with star anise anyone?

I went for the box of 9 to show off with when the boyfriend’s mother comes to visit on Sunday. 3 French Vanilla, 3 Chocolate and 3 Salted Caramel.

P.S. Don’t worry if you’ve missed this food festival – they are back again in September (9th-11th).


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