It’s time for pesto!

I am a lover of Pesto – I’m a lucky girly to have first tried this delicious sauce in Italy. If somehow you have escaped pesto, you need to try it!


Image sourced from Pixabay

I recently made the mistake of looking at the ingredients in my shop bought pesto – let’s just say for the price I was willing to pay I wasn’t impressed at the content.

So to fix my conundrum, I decided to make my own. Now I’m only questioning why I haven’t been making my own for years!

Pesto is best enjoyed fresh, so making your own is pretty hard to beat. Plus, you don’t have to contain yourself to just using it for pasta dishes, this works great with a chicken breast, on a slice of toast or perfect with a mezze style platter.

I’m not going to share with you the perfect recipe for pesto, as I can never seem to create the same sauce twice and this is a sauce that can be adapted easily for your personal taste. But I will share my top tips so you can get the best results:

  • The basics: you will need basil, garlic, parmesan, olive oil, pine nuts, salt and possibly pepper to taste.
  • If you can, use a pestle and mortar – you can control the amount you make easily with this method and don’t run the risk of completely pulverizing your pesto like you might with a blender. However, a blender will still work, just pulse to monitor your constancy!
  • If you’ve never made your own pesto before I would recommend starting with basil, but if you want to make this tonight and don’t have basil to hand, you can try rocket or spinach – for a peppery or creamier taste respectively.
  • Start by adding half a clove of garlic if you’re not a garlic lover – personally a decent sized clove works well for me. But I do LOVE garlic
  • Try toasting your pine nuts first – you’ll find their lovely nutty flavour comes through more

You’ll find many, many, many pesto recipes across the web so you won’t need to look far – try a simple one and adapt to your own needs!

Good luck and enjoy


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