Beauty Haul: Carnation Footcare

Used to seeing all the latest beauty products in a blogger’s beauty haul?

Well this one’s a bit different – I’m prepping for summer early this year. Just because the sun’s not shining and you’re still wearing your winter boots, doesn’t mean your feet don’t need a touch of TLC.

This is a new brand for me – but if you’re looking for something that will care for your feet (even after a winter of boots) then Carnation Footcare is a great brand to try.


4 steps to pretty feet:

Hard Skin Remover Pen

Tackle any hard skin that my have developed over winter with this handy pen to soften those pesky patches of skin. Carnation’s pen will cover you for 100+ applications and is super easy and mess free to use.

Intensive Moisturising Foot Cream

Now you’re tackling the worst bits, a general boost to your feet will help on the quest to summer ready feet! The peppermint oil in this cream gives a lovely scent to your foot routine – fresh and smooth feet, two in one bonus! This also fits in well with the skin pen as both need twice daily application.

Invisible Gel Cushions

Now your feet are feeling happier, keep them that way and use these handy gel cushions. Perfect for a night out with the girls or just for those shoes you love but are crazy uncomfortable.

Hydro Blister

Now it’s time to show your beautiful feet off and hopefully by this point the sun will be shining – no promises this is England after all! Carnation’s blister plaster calms and heals your blisters so you can keep wearing your new shoes and dance the night away, explore a European city, or walk to work – enjoy the summer guys!

Find out more at


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