Style essential: Burgundy boots

Style essential: Burgundy boots


Recently I’ve been pondering my wardrobe decisions. I have too may clothes, I know it, I admit it, but can I actually manage to do anything about it?

Well the answer is yes – kind of – when I moved last year I had a serious closet cull, unfortunately it was out with the old which means the-very-old-hasn’t-fit-me-in-three-years-but-I-still-really-liked-it. So I haven’t actually culled proper clothes: clothes that fit; clothes that I’ve worn once; clothes that I have the same thing 3x over. It’s those pesky items which I need to sort.

So I’ve done my homework…

Seriously, I’ve researched this because I don’t know where to start – I throw two things out and buy five more to congratulate myself… ahhh

A wonderful comprehensive post of my wardrobe cull ideas will be joining you soon – but the gist of it is: wardrobe essentials. The old classic white tee, perfect fit jeans, etc. but that’s all very well and good if it works for your style. So for me I took the ‘pair of boots’ suggestion to mean a pair of black, brown & a colour of your choosing (for me burgundy) boots. I would also suggest mixing the leg lengths of these boots too. E.g. ankle Chelsea style, heeled ankle/low calf, tall/over the-knee.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 18.34.34My current high street favourite are the super comfy Clarks ‘Clementine Sun’ Leather Ankle boots. These come in both black and burgundy. Unfortunately Clarks no longer have stock but I have found a few places with clearance stock if these sound like your kind of boots:


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