STYLE IT: Modern Luxe

Now I’m not a major fan of Valentines. I sit in the camp that thinks romantic gestures are lovely, often thoughtful and generally sweet – however the designated day thing kind ruins the spontaneity part of all that (which is my favourite part). I’m not super duper anti all hearts and kisses, nor am I ‘single and bitter’ – the nice party you get grouped into when you’re not all dough-eyed over ostentatious bunches of roses. Don’t get me wrong I would appreciate my bunch of roses as much as the next girl, but I would rather be spontaneous at a time when it’s not crazy expensive to be so!

So this year I decided (not great at that we thing) that we would still do something nice but being the almost-broke 20-somethings we could instead save any money set aside for presents, etc.

So now my V-Day view is clear I can get back to the important bit – what will I wear for dinner and a movie?

Saturday Night Dinner Date:

Modern Luxe


I am loving THIS navy dress from ASOS at the moment so any ideas to keep that looking new are fine by me! Layering jumpers works for work, switching up tights, boots, flats, heels – even a handbag change. But for an evening dinner I think a more luxe look works best for understated glamour.

What do you think of my outfit styling? Would you style it differently? Let me know in the comments section below or via any and all social media!

P.s. The movie date is on the Sunday so an off duty jeans & a tee combo will work… it is a Sunday after all! Check out my Weekend Casual post for more ideas on this look.


What do you think?

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