The Kit

With each new purchase and discovery I am becoming more and more of a beauty product junkie… cue adorable bear hiding behind hands emoji. I have a pretty solid, overly large shoe collection (56 pairs on last count, post recent clear out), which I continue to add too. Although, realistically things have cooled down in the shoe department – It may be due to the fact I no longer work in a shoe shop that I have been able to rid my mind of the daily thought of the act of purchasing shoes. However, while this may be a great achievement and literal shoe weight off my wardrobe, this does leave a nice hoarding shape gap in my life… welcome to my ever changing makeup bag or for all intents and purposes ‘The Kit’.

The Kit. 2015

The Kit. 2015

Firstly, my make up bag. I have many, many, many make up bags – some quirky and awesome, others freebies that came with make up sets. But unfortunately most of them are either too small to cart my extensive make up and beauty products around with me. For the general make up bag in handbag they are great, but for the more substantial over-nighter I needed something shiny and new… not lined with specks of mascara and the eyeshadow explosions. I stumbled upon my blue and white stripy beauty bag in Boots (£8.00), I was drawn to the splash of fresh colour with the coral zip and the simple design. The range also includes a Stripy Clam Bag (£12.00), a Stripy Cosmetics Purse (£5.00), and a Stripy Vanity Bag (£10.00).

Now I’ve sorted an awesome place to stash all my beauty hauls, here are my favourite products in my make up kit right now…

The Body ShoP Vitamin e AQUA BOost Sorbet

It’s that time honoured idea – always start with a good base. I love this hydrating face cream, its so kind to sensitive skin and genuinely gives a ‘boost’ of moisture. Plus it’s a cheeper alternative to my all-time favourite beauty splurge: Clinique Moisture Surge tub. (The Body Shop // £12.00)

Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect Foundation

Ah this is my new love. I have been a strictly Clinique foundation (anti-blemish solutions) girl for as long as I can remember. I have dabbled with others but was always left disappointed, so as I have sensitive and just sometimes down right annoying skin I opted for what I knew best. Always starting off with a high-end, good base has always been my way with make up – then you can add whatever high-street trend you want on top! But this little jar has swayed me. Yes I still mix it with my Clinique, but I like the shimmer effect in this that gives a natural healthy glow, without going too sparkly. (Revlon // £12.99)

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

This is a god send of a brush, if you’re like me and one day your face is super dry, the next more oily/combination and you just don’t know which way is up. This brush is great for blending and you use a lot less product with it – it’s very hard to achieve that ‘caked effect’ with this brush, phew! (Real Techniques // £9.99)

* Don’t forget to keep your brushes clean – check out how with the ‘Bath time for your brushes’ post

No7 Perfectly Bronzed Bronzing Pearls

As I explained in my ‘Summer Beaty: Look 01’ post, I don’t like the glittery bronze effect on my skin – so these bronzing pearls strike a nice balance between glow and shimmer for my pale skin tone. (No7 // £9.95)

The Body shop Brushes

Now most of my brushes are actually from The Body Shop. They are really, very good and cruelty free. Sorted. The brush pictured is their Face & Body Brush. (The Body Shop // £16.00)

Revolution Ultra Professional Eyeshadow Palette

I’m new to the Revolution brand but am sold. This ‘Beyond Flawless’ palette is basically all kinds of awesome. Go forth. Find a palette to suit you. Spend hours working out your new looks. Thank me later. (Revolution // £8.00)

Mac Eye shadow

This is a little pot of gold – quite literally. This mac eye shadow was a birthday gift and I haven’t put it down since… so now i’m almost out, sob – at least a refill is only a tenner. The colour is great blended for everyday or built up with other shadows for a bit more evening glamour! (Mac // £13.00)

Benefit They’re Real Eye Liner (in all new beyond Purple)

I was a bit dubious at first, heading for a deep purple hue rather than black for my eyeliner. Although their AccuFlex™ tip makes application so easy that I kinda forgot all about the colour and just worked on perfecting the flicks. Shall definately be purchasing in black now too!! Available in the new beyond green, beyond purple, beyond blue, and beyond brown hues from July 2015. The brand are also releasing They’re Real! mascara, in beyond brown and beyond blue. (Benefit // £18.50)


This one has been part of the ‘war paint’ for a while. A go to for long, defined lashes and at high street prices. (Seventeen // £4.99)

Natural Collection Lip Lines Pencil

This great brand was my first go to for make-up. Way back when in the days of pocket money – starting on the nail polish and moving onto mascara… ah the good old days! Check out their range of brand strong neutrals for your lips, for a good all day look and a great base for a pop of colour if you fancy going a bit more bold. (Natural Collection // £1.99)

Clinique Chubby Stick

This is one of my favourite things… I don’t really know why but I have developed a nice collection of Chubby Sticks. I would be lost without at least one in my handbag/makeup bag! (Clinique // £17.00)

Lush Lip Service Balm

And finally, I adore this citrusy (thanks to the tangerine oil and limonene!) lip balm. Such a quick, easy and natural way to soft, kissable lips. This little tub contains a blend of beeswax, cocoa butter, fair trade shea butter and apricot kernel oil to lock in all that lovely moisture. (Lush // £5.75)

Are you a fan of any of my must haves? Or do you know something I need to try? As always, let me know on here or via any creative social mediating you can think of!


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