Bath time for your brushes

Everyone who uses make-up brushes is guilty of this one – even just once: Can you remember the last time you cleaned your make-up brushes?

Yeah, I was a bit ummm with my answer too – oops.

But not to worry below is my quick, easy and cheep guide to cleaning your make-up brushes.

You may be thinking whyyyyy, I just don’t have the time – I spend long enough doing my make-up as it is but cleaning your brushes is a must. They are world class at harbouring bacteria from your face, which multiplies and then you put make-up on the next day, spreading the previous bacteria back onto your face and harbouring more – it’s a never ending cycle! Worst of all, this can lead to break outs, so if you have problematic or sensitive skin, cleaning your brushes more regularly may really help you out. You will also use less product, as when your brushes aren’t clogged up with make-up your foundation, for example, will glide on more easily.

Bonus all round.

How to: Clean your make-up brushes
  • Your make-up brushes
  • Running warm water
  • Soap / Shampoo
  • Your hand
  • Small towel
  • A glass or brush stand

Firstly gather your make-up brushes and set your self up. I normally place a small towel next to the sink to lay the brushes on.

Grab your soap or shampoo – use whatever is best for you. Basically you want to end up with bacteria free, soft bristles so keep this in mind when choosing! I know that Jonhson’s baby products are popular as they are very gentle. Recently I have been using Assie’s Miracle Moist Shampoo as it is one I use in the summer when my hair gets dried out from too much sun, sea or chlorine and needs that extra boost. This means I always have it lying around even if I’m not necessarily using it on my hair at the time. I find the moisture boost helps keep my brushes nice and soft.

Now you have your tools in place, select your first brush, place it under running warm water to get it wet. Next, squeeze some soap / shampoo into the palm of your hand, then move your brush in circular motions in the palm of your hand to get it nice and sudsy!

Note: if you do this in the palm of your hand you should be more gentle, you don’t want to hurt your hand or the brush!

Now its time to rinse, if your brush still isn’t clean, repeat the previous steps until the water runs clear. Remember to turn the tap off between steps, when you’re not using the water – be kind to the planet and don’t use more than you need.

Squeeze any excess water from the bristles, and reshape – then lay back down on your towel and move onto your next brush.

Once I’m done, I like to make sure I have squeezed as much water as I can from the brushes and that they are back in the right shape. Then I place them, bristles up, into a glass so they dry naturally and quickly.

Note: If your brushes aren’t dry when you next need them – use something else, clean hands or a sponge one day won’t hurt! NEVER use your hair dryer on your brushes – the bristles weren’t built for that and the heat will damage them to the point you probably won’t want to use them again!

Now run and fetch those pesky brushes…


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